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Paddle into Embodiment

Paddle boarding can create space for us arrive and tune into ourselves as we learn how to find balance with our body, mind, emotions, and the energy within our authentic self while in relationship with nature and the elements. This type of exploration opens ourselves up to deeper connection and attunement leading to a sense of embodiment of our true self. AND it’s an opportunity to drop into play and fun. 


*No prior paddle board experience needed

We will start with a check in and go over paddle board logistics and considerations. We will move into a creative mindful experience to connect you with your intention for the session (this may be a meditation, card pull, movement, or anything else you feel called to do). Then we will begin to move into the water and onto our boards to paddle with your intentions for the day. Our time together will close with space to process.

Session Length: An hour and 15 minutes

What is Provided: Paddle Board, Dry Bag, and Lifejacket

What to Bring: Please consider bringing a water bottle, journal, towel, clothing that can get wet (or a swimsuit if you wish), and anything else you feel called to bring

Location: Cedar Lake Point Beach. We will meet at the parking lot; street parking is available. 

*if you would like to book and the available times absolutely do not work for you, please reach out via email. 

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