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Live Life Balanced - Healing With Shireen - Shireen June

Meet Shireen

I’m Shireen June and I am an Integrative Wellness Therapist. When working with fellow humans, I combine my expertise in mental health (mind), with my knowledge of physical body and movement (body) and add in my experience with mindfulness and alternative medicine (soul) to create an integrated approach to healing and finding a balance within life.


I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC), Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and  Energy Healer. In addition, I hold a certificate in psychedelic assisted psychotherapy and research studies through the California Institute of Integral Studies, and a personal training certificate through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I have studied, and continue to study, the healing elements of plant medicine, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation and other alternative and complementary modalities. My passion for using an integrative approach to healing started in 2006 when I began my own healing journey.

During this time, I felt frustrated with the one dimensional track provided by Western Medicine and knew I needed to find something outside of those walls. I began to study and apply different modalities of Eastern Medicine to my healing process and noticed meaningful change and growth. This created a need to explore the relationship between Eastern Medicine and Western Psychology as I began my B.S. in Psychology career at the University of Minnesota. The mind-body connection became even more apparent, which encouraged me to pursue a certificate in personal training and led to the integration of psychology and movement. By integrating my studies, I gained insight into the power that connecting the mind, body and soul can have on healing emotional, psychological and physical elements within a single person and the collective.  This insight motivated me to pursue a Masters in Counseling and Psychological Services at Saint Mary’s University leading me to where I am now.

As I travel through life, I continue to evolve personally and professionally by enrolling in training, workshops, and tuning into my own process. I am a first generation, multi-heritage clinician, who practices from a human centered, nonhierarchical lens, and I like to encourage all clients to connect to their ancestral root during their healing process if it aligns with them. My passion for helping others learn how to heal themselves continues to grow each day and this passion drives my optimism for you to live a balanced and meaningful life through this healing.

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